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Streetwear Gets in Touch with its Roots

NEW YORK, APRIL 4, 2016 ­ Rootsgear Clothing Co. (, a Punjabi inspired apparel company, is proud to launch its SS16 Collection, a fresh take on punjabi streetwear. In an exclusive preview held on Friday, April 1st, Rootsgear unveiled its new collection of urban south asian fashion at Loft29 in New York City to an audience of over 100 of New York’s who’s who in South Asian fashion and entertainment.

“Through our SS16 Collection we are ushering in a new era in Rootsgear’s journey as the premier destination for urban South Asian wear.” said co­founder of Rootsgear, Tanmit Singh. “This collection represents a distinct direction and effort to meld traditional Punjabi patterns, textures, and styles with iconic and timeless Western silhouettes.”

In an innovative play on East meets West stylings, the SS16 Collection reflects upon Punjabi culture and thought to evoke distinct ties to eastern roots in the western world. The line consists of bomber and coach’s jackets blending outer western styles with a colorful mix of traditional South Asian inspired printed linings, including a half sleeve hoodie with a punjabi embroidery pattern known as phulkari. Throughout the collection eyes will catch unique pop art designs like the Dabbin Dulhan and Astro Raja I, and new additions to the the popular Hanji Hello line, a collaboration with UK based hip­hop artist Raxstar. “With this collection we’ve reimagined streetwear and connected it to our biggest inspiration; our Punjabi heritage,” said Singh. Tanmit, and his brother Sunmit Singh, started Rootsgear in 2004 shortly after immigrating to the U.S. from Kuwait. The clothing line began as a direct reflection of their experiences as Sikhs in a post­9/11 America. “In a time when fear was so prevalent across the country we created Rootsgear as a part of a larger movement in the Sikh diaspora. We wanted to ensure our community didn’t compromise its rich heritage, values, and beliefs in the face of fear. This newest collection remains a reflection of that initial vision ­ bringing together traditional Punjabi and American heritage.” he added. Rootsgear’s clothing has been featured in The Wall Street Journal and GQ magazine’s “The Week in Style” as well as films, textbooks and popular bulletin boards like Reddit and Imgur. The SS16 Collection will be available for purchase at starting April 10, 2016. Please contact Tanmit Singh at or 240­838­0951 for any further information. About Rootsgear Clothing Co.: Rootsgear is a unique lifestyle brand that artistically portrays the complex balance between the spiritual and the temporal. We are grounded in the belief that Integration ≠ Assimilation and we derive our energy from the 3re. To learn more, visit Attached are some looks from the SS16 collection. Photos are courtesy of William H. Coles @whcoles