Great skin creates an ideal canvas for makeup: Jacqueline (Meet her in Atlanta Sep 27 2019)

Great skin creates an ideal canvas for makeup: Jacqueline

– Almost thirty three million followers are treated to actor Jacqueline Fernandezs vibrant and fun filled insta-stories daily. Shes one of the the few names in the trade who can laugh at herself and makes sure her fans see the lighter side of showbiz.

Jacqueline Fernandez is scheduled to visit Atlanta on Sep 27 2019 for an event Organized by Glitzz Entertainment “Up Close & Personal With Jacqueline Fernandez – Atlanta” to meet her thousands of fans residing overseas, She will Interact with her fans directly and her fans will get chance to take picture with her.

This event will take place at Sonesta Hotel Gwinnett Place, 1775 Pleasant Hill Rd, Duluth, GA 30096


The Srilankan beauty recently giving media the opportunity to quiz her on all things beauty and wellness related.

*You have a natural beauty about you… do you prefer makeup or do you invest time and energy in a skincare routine?

Thank you! I think makeup is really fun to wear, but it has to come off eventually, so investing in your skin is really important. Having great skin that is well looked after creates an ideal canvas for makeup to look it”s best. Taking care of your skin with the right products gives you the freedom to go “bare-faced” when you want to and still look fresh. Looking after your skin is a lifelong investment that pays off daily, and also in your later years. However, I still love to wear makeup! It completes your look for special occasions and can help you to feel more polished and confident.

*You have a very fun and playful social media account, how important is it to be yourself on social media?

I think it”s important to be yourself in general! But it”s so important to be genuine on social media. I love social media because it allows me to communicate directly with my followers in a very candid and relaxed manner. I think social media is becoming more and more important and is a great way for people to connect genuinely with others in an unprecedented way. Social media has created the opportunity for anyone to showcase their talents and find like minded people, regardless of where they live.

*Can you give us 5 tips you use to handle bad days, if there are any?

I think everyone has bad days. When I”m feeling stressed, I like to meditate. It helps me stay centered, to regain focus and perspective. I love to keep fit so I find that quite relaxing. Exercise boosts the body”s endorphin production which makes you happy naturally. I also love to dance. It”s so much fun and like other forms of exercise it produces endorphins. Another tip is to listen to music, it can really shift your frame of mind and can be a form of therapy. Talking to friends is also really helpful in relieving stress and working through problems. Sometimes just talking things out with a supportive ear can help you get perspective on issues and ease your internal pressure. They say good friends are hard to find, but having just a few trusted people who can be a sounding board for you makes a big difference.

*You are a brand ambassador for skincare range of products, in a time when women of all colors are celebrated, how did you find your experience of associating with this range?

I”m proud to be associated with this product, I”ve been using it for years because their products truly work. I respect all ethnicities and everything that comes with them. I find beauty in all skin tones! I suffer from pigmentation in my skin and this product is genuinely effective in evening that out and improving my complexion. For me.