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GEORGIA Indian Nurse Association (GINA)

On January 7, 2017, Gina had its first general body meeting at 5690 Grove Crossing Way in Lilburn Georgia. The event was headed off by a great introduction by Mini Jacob and then followed by a prayer that was led by Jennie mathen. Jecy Mathew graciously delivered the secretary’s report for August through December 31st of 2016. The treasurer, Betsy Augusthy, gave everyone an update of the financial report of the year 2016. She provided information regarding the current balance, expenses, donations, as well as membership fees that were accrued i n the year 2016.

Mini Jacob then thanked Betcy and introduced Lily Anickat, the president of GINA for years 2015&2016 to deliver her off going presidential speech.

The off going presidential speech summarized what all has been accomplished in the last two years and how GINA has impacted the community and participated in many conferences to grow in leadership skills as well as participate with NAINA and its vision as well. One of the main goals was to make GINA a 501c3 which it is in the process of becoming and should be identified as a not for profit organization hopefully by this year.

Lily also mentioned the involvement in the two leadership conferences that GINA members took advantage of in Florida and Philadelphia. She then thanked specific active members for each of their individual contributions to snaking GINA great in the term 2015&2016 by giving them a certificate of appreciation on her behalf. Following her off going speech she recognized each of the off going officers and appreciated all their efforts in the las term. Next was the induction of the new officers. It began with the induction of Vani Manohar the new treasurer for the term 2017-2018, done by Betsy Augusthy who passed the financial charts and receipts. Following that was the induction of Jennie Mathen who was inducted by Jecy Mathew as the new secretary for this new term and was given the secretary’s reports, flyers , and a hard drive with all the reports backed up. Following the induction of the new secretary was the induction of the next vice president Scicily Joseph by Meena Joseph and was given the vice president’s role and responsibilities. In the absence of Janet Kasinathan, the previous executive vice president, Lilly Anickat inducted Deepthy Varghese, the new executive vice president for the term 2017-2018. Finally the torch was handed to Vidya Kanagaraj as the new President of GINA after being inducted by Lilly Anickat. Following the induction of the new officers, each of the new officers lit the lamp. Shortly after that, there was a cake cutting to celebrate the new officers and the beginning of the next term for GINA. After the cake cutting, Vidya Kanagaraj, the new face of GINA delivered her acceptance speech and spoke on her hope to grow the number of active members in GINA and to bring a spirit of enthusiasm and passion for GINA that is necessary for it to continue to excel. Following her speech, Meena Joseph the off going vice president gave a vote of thanks to everyone in attendance and congratulated the new officers and wished them success in the new term. The general body meeting was concluded with refreshments, socialization, and networking.