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Georgia Breast Cancer Coalition Fund Urges Gov. Deal to Sign ‘Jimmy Carter Law’ to Help Women Living with Stage Four Breast Cancer

Atlanta, Ga. (April 5, 2016) – The Georgia Breast Cancer Coalition Fund (GBCCF), a nonprofit organization serving as Georgia’s voice to end breast cancer, today called on Gov. Nathan Deal to sign The Honorable Jimmy Carter Act (House Bill 965). The legislation prohibits insurance companies offering health care plans in ‪Georgia from forcing metastatic (stage four) cancer patients to try or “fail first” on other drugs before they are approved for other potentially life-saving treatments prescribed by their physicians.

“The Jimmy Carter Bill is poised to save the lives of Georgia women living with breast cancer, now and in the future,” said Amy Upchurch, executive director of the Georgia Breast Cancer Coalition Fund.  “One in eight women will develop breast cancer, and close to one-third of these cases will eventually ‘metastasize,’ or spread to other parts of the body as stage four cancer. Advances in treatment are allowing women with incurable stage four cancer and other cancer warriors to live longer, productive lives, but only if these cancer survivors have unfettered access to new and effective therapies.”

Upchurch continued, “President Carter’s remission and this law that bears his name affirm the fact that treatment decisions should stay between cancer patients and their doctors. Georgians living with cancer shouldn’t have to battle with their insurance companies for the drugs that will help them battle cancer.”

About the Georgia Breast Cancer Coalition Fund

The Georgia Breast Cancer Coalition Fund (GBCCF) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to serving as Georgia’s VOICE to END breast cancer. GBCCF has been a leader in advocacy and education efforts since 1994. Through its targeted efforts, the organization has empowered more than 7,500 citizen advocates to join the fight against breast cancer, and has educated legislators at the state and national levels about the importance of enacting legislation to increase access to medical treatment for those diagnosed with breast cancer and funding research for a cure. For information about GBCCF, visit